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10 of the Best Things to do in Izmir Turkey


Its a well known fact that Turkey is one of our most loved spots we’ve voyage.

We had the chance to ride in a hot air expand over the tall tale shake stacks of Cappadocia, to investigate memorable Istanbul, rest in a give in lodging, and even visit the normal travertine hot springs of Pamukkale. Furthermore, the sustenance, yum!

We burned through three weeks in Turkey, and I genuinely wish it had been significantly more.

We don’t have any unequivocal arrangements to do a reversal (yet!), however that hasn’t prevented us from working out a pail list for going to Turkey whenever.

Izmir is one of those spots we’re adding to the pail list. Known as Smyrna in ancient times, Izmir is Turkey’s third biggest city, and fringes the Agean Sea. It’s somewhat outside of the typical Turkish tourism problem areas, yet we regularly find that we locate some genuine jewels when we meander outside the well worn traveler way.

Here are our main 10 pail list of things to do in Izmir, Turkey.

Visit the Kemeraltı bazaar

It’s as far as anyone knows conceivable to spend a whole day investigating this bending, convoluted bazaar and still not see it all. The bazaar is home to bistros, shops offering practically anything you could need or envision, artisans workshops, mosques, tea patio nurseries and synagogues.

Take a day trip to Ephesus

Most sightseers going by Izmir are going through to see Ephesus, which is thought to be the best saved old sanctuary in the eastern Mediterranean. It contains the Temple of Artemis, thought to be one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

Check out the windsurfers in Alacati

Alacati is colossally prominent with traveling Turks, who visit to get away from the hecticness of adjacent urban areas. Customarily the city was known for design, windmills and vineyards, yet today it’s one of Turkey’s most mainstream goals for windsurfers.

Take in the International Arts Festival

Strolling along the promenade and going by windswept seaside towns isn’t all that Izmir brings to the table; come June and July the International Arts Festival gives you a chance to investigate the profound history of the range, as some of its antiquated structures have been changed into particular, beguiling spaces. The celebration additionally offers established, customary and contemporary works in music, expressive dance, theater and musical show with universal and national exhibitions.

Take the boat from Konak to Karşıyaka

Join local people and take the ship on the grand ride over Izmir’s sound. Ships to Karşıyaka leave from the waterfront at Konak’s Pier to Karşıyaka, a tranquil suburb. The ride takes around 20 minutes.

Walk along the Kordon

Izmir’s Kordon (waterfront promenade) is the heart of the city, and presumably Izmir’s most unmistakable fascination. It’s a relaxed walkway along the heart of the city, with bars and bistros pressed with local people at the day’s end.

Check out the İzmir Museum of History & Art

This gallery is prestigious for its accumulation of antiquated ancient rarities. The models from antiquated Smyrna, Teos, Miletos and Pergamon should be particularly thrilling.

Bargain with the locals at the Kızlarağası Han market

Here and there called the best concealed market in Izmir, this is the place to search for floor coverings and gems. It’s a conventional market that gives a genuine taste of Turkey, and is a lovely meander regardless of the possibility that you have no expectation of purchasing anything.

Climb the parachute tower

The lamentably fairly ugly parachute tower offers staggering perspectives. It’s named for a considerable length of time past, when you could move to the top and after that be dropped by link to the base in a parachute.

Visit Sports International

We’re trying nowadays to remain fit when we travel, and Sports International should offer assistance. You can move, practice or simply loosen up with an unwinding yoga class.

What do you think? Have you been to Izmir? Did we miss anything on our Izmir basin list?