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Is Credit King for Travel?

Everyone has their various little preferred routines when it comes to travel. Some people book a long ways in advance, others research every last detail and others start a savings account purely for their dream holiday. When it comes to paying for travel – unfortunately it isn’t free – some people tend towards one form of payment over another, sometimes without really thinking it through. The number of perennial travellers who don’t use a credit card is truly astounding, for whether it’s due to procrastination to get one or some misguided belief that they don’t want to rack up a lot of debt, they never get around to getting one. If you are one of these people, regular traveller or not, take some time to look at your credit card choices and find one that will work for your travel and lifestyle needs.

Here are a few reasons below why credit is king when it comes to travel. Consider these points when planning your next trip as it could save you a ton of money and make the whole experience much easier!

Easy Booking

In the modern age of travel, it is really difficult to book things ahead of time if you don’t have a credit card. Websites don’t have cash terminals and bank transfers aren’t always possible – but entering a few numbers into your computer can get you the trip of your dreams. If it’s an all inclusive holiday you’re after, the only time you may actually spend money the entire trip is at this stage, making it really the only payment method you need.

Safer than Cash

Carrying around a lot of money in your pocket or bag is more stress than it’s worth. Worrying about it getting stolen is not the way you want to spend your holiday and if you use a credit card instead you can relax that headache. Carrying a little bit of cash is a good idea for small things, like a drink or tipping, but if you are robbed and your credit card gets stolen you just have to call the company and they’ll cancel your card – you can’t do that for cash.

Reward Perks

A huge perk of credit card payment are the freebies with your chosen card. Some have cash back options on various kinds of purchases you make, while others offer points based on how much you spend that can be redeemed for flights or travel vouchers. If you get a travel credit card you can see your points accumulate even faster and even get things like travel insurance and hotel lounge access included – just for using the card. You really can’t beat that!

Peace of Mind

In the end it call comes down to what makes you feel the most comfortable when travel is in your sights and using credit is a smart move. It’s simple, discreet and you don’t have to worry about exchanging it when you change countries. Use it to make your primary bookings, major purchases on the road and to compliment your minor transactions with a little bit of cash and you’ll be able to do and see everything you want this holiday!