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Island Not to Miss in Okinawa


Best for history: Kume Island

One of the bigger stations in Okinawa’s accumulation of islands, Kume Island is pretty much as near China and the modest free Ryukyu Kingdom as it is to Japan, so it offers a one of a kind social heredity. You can visit palace ruins, hallowed places, lost towns and memorable houses, or find out about the old craft of silk weaving. Be that as it may, its common attractions offer similarly different investigation—from hollows and waterfalls to rough pinnacles—all lit by fireflies come spring. And after that there’s the coast. Attempt Hateno shoreline, a seaward swipe of sand available by vessel that is a most loved settling ground for ocean turtles.

Best for untouched scenes: Iheya Island

Iheya Island is Okinawa’s northernmost domain. With around 80% of the area commanded by a 200-meter-high mountain extend, its fundamental fascination is nature at its most untouched and unblemished. Huge sand ridges, emerald oceans and perpetual white-sand shorelines—this island is excellence refined. A long way from any group, its coral reefs are verging on flawless, and you may effectively spot humpback whales only a couple of minutes from the angling port or get yourself encompassed by schools of dolphins.

Best for island walking: Aka Island

In the event that the possibility of auto or bicycle rental doesn’t bid then make a beeline for Aka-jima, one of the Kerama Islands, where all that you require—and we mean heavenly shorelines, benevolent individuals and water exercises—is inside strolling separation. When you hit the water, pick between snorkeling, kayaking, whale viewing and obviously swimming. Trekking here is awesome as well and you will be lavishly compensated for your endeavors with unfathomable perspectives.

Family walking on the beach on Pelican Island (a.k.a. Icotupo Island), San Blas Islands (Kuna Yala), Caribbean Sea, Panama

Best for swashbucklers: Minami-Daitō Island

Dreadful until 1900 because of its sharp precipices, this is one for the more brave voyager. Ships to Minami-Daitō Island are few, however the captivating nature, society and neighborliness of the spot can without much of a stretch try, even only for a weekend visit. Swim in its characteristic pools, investigate underground gives in, look over the island from the Hinomaru perception tower, and keep a post for well evolved creatures of all shapes and sizes: you’re in with a shot of spotting both whales and Okomori bats.Best for nature darlings: Aguni Island


Aguni Island, around 60km north west of Naha on the principle island of Okinawa, is popular for its lines of wonderful garcinia trees and cycad (ruler sago) palms. It is an island of complexities, with a pleasant sandy coastline on the eastern side and sheer precipices along the west. It’s hard not to succumb to its appeal. For those that incline toward enterprise submerged, the plunging here is likewise very much commended.