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Reasons to Visit New York City

New York City has held the world’s collective imagination by the ear for a long time. A place steeped in history and jammed full with different things to do, the reasons to come to New York all but write themselves. Whether you’re a lover of culture, art, sports, restaurants, or nightlife New York has got you covered. A few of the reasons to visit New York include.


New York is packed with iconic buildings and squares. Perhaps the best way to start sightseeing in the city is to go to the Empire State Building and go to the 86th floor observatory so you can look over the city from above. From that vantage you will be able to see off in the distance many of the must see locations and buildings of New York like Time Square, the Statue of Liberty, the New York Public Library and Grand Central Terminal. Afterwards you do as all first time visitors to New York do, you walk around on the streets of Manhattan and get lost. Want to go sightseeing? Getting a travel visa isn’t always easy. Don’t worry – European travellers can find visum usa-ESTA options online.

Population and Diversity

There is no city in the United States, and few in the world, that have the population density of New York City. More than 8 million people live here, and that isn’t even counting the legions of people that come to visit each year. Another exciting element of being in New York is that literally all of the corners of the globe are represented in an unprecedented display of cultural variety – there are more than 200 languages spoken in the city. This diversity creates pockets where nationalities bunch together – which are well worth exploring – and a fantastic collection of cuisine to choose from all around the city.

family-vacations-central-parkChristmas in New York

There is something magical about New York in winter and no time exemplifies that more than at Christmas. A few of the classic New York Christmas activities include seeing the huge Christmas Tree – with  more than 30,000 lights – at Rockefeller Center, or ice skating down at Central Park. For even more NYC holiday fun go see the Christmas decorations of Macy’s, or see parents going wild to get their kids toys at the famed FAO Schwartz toy store. Beyond these activities just wandering the streets at this time of year and looking at the varied window displays is delightful too.  There is something magic in the air in New York City at Christmas and you haven’t experienced it before now is the time.