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Unexpectedly Spooky Halloween Destinations

Do you know where the Halloween tradition came from? Most people are sure that this vacation was bor n in America, but this is often not true! I thought the same way, but the first Halloween was in Ireland. So, relish learning about the Unexpectedly Spooky Halloween Destinations.


There are lots of places to celebrate Halloweenin the USA. You need to go to Salem, the city better-known for witch hunting and general sin phobic. It celebrates Salem’s festival of the dead. A highlight of the festival is that the Salem Witches’ Ball.

New Orleans is another mysterious place to celebrate Halloween this year. Above-ground cemeteries, voodoo and an excellent taste for weird costumes make New Orleans an ideal place for Halloween. If you’re a fan of the Originals, you know what I’m talking about.

Being home of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison hosts one of the most infamous annual Halloween celebrations, namely “Freakfest.” Are you brave enough to visit it?

USAThe self-proclaimed Halloween Capital of the World, Anoka, Minnesota, celebrates Halloween with a big civic parade and a few other city-wide events.

If you are a creature of the night, why not go to the city that never sleeps? There are many Halloween events in NYC for each age and interest. Among them are the Procession of the Ghouls, visits to the haunted NYC hotels, buildings and bars, and Halloween events at NYC zoos and museums for the entire family. NYC also hosts the largest Halloween celebration in the United States, namely The Village Halloween Parade.

Chicago is another awful place you’ll visit to celebrate Halloween. The city’s events include the Haunted sanatorium, Chicagoween, and the Spooky zoological garden Spectacular.

The entertainment capital of the United States, Los Angeles is simply comprised with Halloween events. The foremost famous are the Adults solely Halloween Party and the Day of the Dead Celebration.


Many people from Mexico, Spain and Latin America believe that all their dead relatives come back to them on Halloween and spend this holiday together. This event starts in October 31 and continues till the November 2. Halloween here is called “The Day of Death”.

If you want to celebrate your Halloween here, you can choose some place in Mexico. Citizens of Aguascalientes organize the Festival of Skulls (Festival de las Calaveras) every year. In Mixquic you will be plunge in the procession to the cemetery, and you will see tons of lighted candles. People in the cortege tote a cardboard coffin to the vigil that usually happens in the lighted cemetery. Also, if you want more lively celebration, you should choose the Chiapa de Corzo colonial town, where you may see very colorful decorations all over the cemetery. Ribbons, candles and flowers combine with the live represent to dead citizens, which come there to be with families.

MexicoThe fascinating Day of the Dead ritual happens once a year on Halloween in Janitzio. This small island becomes packed with singing and dancing individuals, they are going to the site for singing their dead relatives. It’s terribly solemnly and spectacular, particularly once you see some rowboats with plenty of lighted candles on the lake!

In Merida, Yucatan you may see terribly special ritual that’s connected with “Feast for the souls” , when families cook in an exceedingly pit chicken dish in banana leaves. conjointly they organize some festivals on cemeteries and streets.

The Festival of Life and Death typically happens in the Xcaret Park. This place is found in the Riviera Maya. Welcome to the colourful markets in some villages close to the city. This town is extremely bright and delightful on Halloween. There are several thematic altars, sand tapestries and Comparsas to find.

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