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Unusual Place to Celebrate Halloween

If you haven’t found the creepy yet unusual place to celebrate Halloween yet, here are some of the best destinations all around the world to consider.


Halloween BangkokI have never thought of the Halloween celebration in Bangkok before, but currently I’m planning to visit this place in Oct. We all know about “gay-force” here, and that they typically organize a extremely spectacular charming time. There are plenty of special areas that are designed and adorned for the great Halloween street party.


As you already understand, day was born in Ireland, so here it’s called “Samhain Night.” This event takes five days and everyone gets something special. There are breathless fireworks and dancing with fire. You can also look at haunted houses, get some ghost spooky tour and take an area in an exceedingly Dragon Safari. Every family has some fun and nobody feels boring. In the medieval Irish, this event meant the very fact that the times became shorter and harvest went to the end. Also they celebrate with a fire and few spooky dead revisiting.


Put on your best mask and enjoy dancing the night away in the fabulous candlelight setting at a masquerade ball. Within the mysterious Georgian tunnels beneath the Strand, the Masque of the Red Death promises an evening of decadence and debauchery, with amazing live music, dancing and sweet treats.

You can also join crime historian Donald Rumbelow on a guided stroll around Jack the Ripper’s haunts in East London. Also, be sure to visit the Ten Bells, a pub at the corner of Commercial Street and Fournier Street, where, allegedly, two of his victims drank.

EnglandIf you want to remember your Halloween celebration for years, spend the night in a Haunted Castle or attend a Psychic Supper. Explore Wookey Hole Caves in Somerset. You will creep around the witch’s kitchen, parlor and a big hall, drenched in neon color and echoing with the cackles and dull drips of the enigmatic river.

Take the Exbury Ghost Train through the pitch-black tunnels and be spooked by scarecrows, skeletons and other ghouls on route. The Napoleon Bone-aparte and Batty the Vampire will be on board to spook the whole family with scary stories and jokes. If you need to calm your nerves, be sure to take a look at some of Exbury’s mysterious trees like the Ghost Tree, the Chinese Coffin Tree, and the Devil’s Walking Stick.

The Stratford-upon-Avon Halloween Festival features a mass zombie walk, magic categories for budding witches, wizards, and various ghost stories.

Explore the ghostly side of the West Midland Safari Park in the scary, bat-infested Twilight Cave. Or, go on a spooky tour of a 14th-century castle at the Old Wardour Castle, Wiltshire.

Blists Hill Victorian city in Ironbridge, Shropshire celebrates Halloween in an exceedingly real morbid Victorian style. As dusk falls and the sun slips away, the road lamps cast strange and scary shadows at every corner of this 19th-century city and many of ghostly figures replace the smiling shopkeepers and friendly townspeople.

Image by wallygrom,@sage_solar Under Creative Common License.