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World Famous Walls

Walls are built since history, to mark borders, to keep enemies out or to keep individuals in. in additional recent times walls have conjointly been engineered to function memorials and structures of art. However regardless of what purpose they serve, walls dominate the landscape wherever they stand.

Wall of Ston

The Walls of Ston are a series of defensive stone walls placed on the peninsula Peljesac in southern Croatia. At the peninsula’s narrowest point, simply before it joins the ground, a wall was build from thecities of Ston to Mali Ston. The 5.5 kilometer (3.5 mile) long wall that links these 2 tiny communities was completed within the fifteenth century, along with its 40 towers and five fortresses. It had been meant as a second line of defense for town of Dubrovnik and to protected the gorgeous salt pans that contributed to Dubrovnik’s wealth. It’s the second longest inclose Europe, surpassed solely by Hadrian’s Wall between Scotland and England.


Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial may be a national war memorial in Washington, D.C. It’s typically described as the most moving memorial within the town, the Vietnam Memorial stands as tribute to those that died or went missing, meant to transcend political controversy in remembrance of the the soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice. Its center piece, the Memorial Wall designed by Maya Lin, is made up of two black granite walls engraved with the 58,256 names of every soldier.

Walls of Troy

Troy could be a legendary town in what’s currently north western Turkey, created notable in Homer’s epic poem, the Iliad. According to Iliad, this is often wherever the war took place. The archeological  site of Troy contains many layers of ruins. The layer Troy VIIa was most likely the Troy of Homer and has been dated to the mid- to late-13th century B.C.. parts of the notable walls of Troy are still visible. Today, an oversized range of tourists visit Troy every year. The traveler sees an extremely commercialized site, with a large wooden horse built as a playground for children, then shops and a museum.

Great Wall of China

Hadrian’s Wall

Hadrian’s Wall was designed by the Romans to safeguard their colony Britannia from the tribes in Scotland. It stretches for 117 kilometers (73 miles) across the north of England from the Irish ocean to the North Sea. Construction started in 122 AD following a visit by Roman Emperor Hadrian, and was for the most part completed inside six years. The wall was garrisoned by around 9,000 soldiers, including infantry and cavalry. Although only stretches of this popular wall are still visible today it is among the most famous tourist destinations in England. There is a national path that follows the whole length of the wall from Wallsend to Bowness-on-Solway.