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10 Best Places to Visit on a Budget

Most of us love to travel. But traveling can be costly. Starting from the tickets to hotels and transportation, the package can cost us thousands of bucks. If you want to know where you can travel on a budget, read the following article.

Travel on a budgetPlaces to travel on a budget

Some of the places where you can travel on a budget are:

1. Laos

Lao is a beautiful place in Southeast Asia that one can visit. Here the accommodation starts at $5 and meals from $3. For all the backpacking enthusiasts, this is a great place to see Vang Vieng River, Kuang Si Falls, and many more.

2. Czech Republic

If you want to visit a historically rich place and drink beer as cheap as water, make sure to go to Prague. To experience Czech culture visit Cesky Krumlov and Telc. It will cost around $40 each day.

3. Namibia

People visiting Namibia can witness some of the most breathtaking views such as Deadvlei, Fish River Canyon, Sossusvlei, and many more. Try to cut costs by staying at a camp and cooking your meal.

4. Guatemala

This Central American destination is one of the favorites among backpackers. Guatemala has several ruins, volcanoes, and deep forests. The country has beautiful cobblestone streets and architecture. One can say here for $40 each day.

5. Hungary

Hungary has some of the most beautiful attractions such as the city of Szeged, Basilica of St. Stephens, the Budapest city, among others. Opt for public transports and stay in a hostel to cut down the budget. Make sure to try their Goulash and chimney cakes.

6. Australia

Australia might seem to be on the higher price point, but you can still travel on a budget. Try to stay in a hostel, eat street food, and rent your vehicle. The top attraction of this place is the Great Barrier Reef, Sydney Opera, etc.

7. Romania

Romania is famous because of Dracula. Take a walk through the medieval villages of this European country. Try to cook your meal and opt for a local guesthouse to stay on a budget.

8. Northern Thailand

Northern Thailand is known to be on the cheaper side. One can stay at Chiang Mai and Pai at a very low cost. Visit the White Temple or go hiking. Also, eat their delicious street food such as Pad Thai.

9. Croatia

Croatia is known for its parties, turquoise water, and sunshine. People who like to party and experience the beautiful waters on a budget consider going to this place. You can also visit the Museum of Broken relationship.

10. India

India is one of the cheapest places to visit. With its vast diversity and rich culture, tourists can find a handful of things to do and see. The transportation cost is very low, as well as meals and lodging. No matter which part of India you visit, there will be many things to see.

The above-mentioned places are best to travel on a budget. One can have a great experience while traveling and save money at the same time.