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Best Things to see and do In Brussels

As we know, Brussels is the capital of Belgium. The place offers stunning architecture and history hidden in every corner and alleyway. One can spend a couple of days here and enjoy the tourist attractions. There is a list of things to do in Brussels and have a marvelous time.

Things to do in BrusselsWhat to see and do in Brussels

In this article, we discuss in detail things to do in Brussels.

Grand Place

The Grand Place is a UNESCO world heritage site and the main tourist attraction of the city. The Grand Place is the central marketplace in Brussels. From March to October, we get to see a daily flower market. There are several local cafes and bars, also situated in the marketplace.

Eat some Waffles

Belgium is known for its amazing waffles. Tourists visiting this place should gorge on this delicacy. They sell these waffles at every corner of the city. You can get some of the best waffles in Mokafe, waffle factory, and Maison Dandoy.

Brussels Norte Dame Du Sablon

Norte Dame Du Sablon, built in the 14th century, and this Gothic cathedral was a chapel. Opposite to this church, the first international postal service was established in 1516. Visit this place to have a breathtaking experience.

Visit the Palais Royal

Nowadays, the Belgium royal family lives in Laeken, but we know this as their official residence. To visit the Palace makes sure to go on the months of summer. People usually visit this place to see a room where the ceiling has wings of beetles that forms a unique mosaic pattern. As expected from a Royal palace, this place also has notable artwork and splendid interior.

Go for a beer tour

There are various beer tours conducted for the tourists. Beer has played a role in the history of Belgium. The people are very proud of their beer. Try to take this trip even if you are not a beer enthusiast because of pride and historical importance.

Find Tintin

There are various comic strip walks conducted in the city of Brussels. Here one can find Tintin. One of the famous places to spot Tintin is Rue de l’Etuve. If you want to buy some Tintin goodies, head over to La Boutique Tintin.

Eat some Belgian chocolate

Another famous food in Brussels is their mouth-watering chocolate. Belgian chocolate is recognized worldwide. People often buy lots of chocolate as a souvenir to bring back home. Maison Pierre Marcolini, Cote d’Or, and Wittamer are some of the famous chocolatiers in Brussels. Also, make sure to visit the legendary Godiva, established in the year 1926.

There is a series of things to do in Brussels. Make sure to take some time and visit this place. Also, before visiting, make sure to do some research about the best time to visit, which places to see, where you will stay, etc. You are guaranteed to have a bag full of great experience and memories when you return.