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Being the Hostel Idiot, a how to list…

Staying in a hostel is an amazing way to meet a mixed variety of people. At the same time though there is always that person that just can’t understand the concept of communal living. The person we’re talking about finds it impossible to subjugate their ego in the ways necessary for the hostel experience to be a great one for everyone there. The sad thing about it too is that the majority of implicit rules of conduct in a hostel are such common sense it seems impossible to most how the hostel “idiot” is so clueless to them.

Getting the room comfortable for themselves…

The hostel idiot will walk into a room designated for 8 people and immediately act as if it is just for them. Ways to do this include using the other beds in the room as there own to unpack all of their things which they then place well beyond their portion of the room which extends a few feet away from their bed. There things populate all over the room making the other people feel uncomfortable.

312953_10100388869574631_1061510193_nThe Kitchen

If you want fine dining go to a restaurant. With so many people trying to keep their costs down there is much need for the limited resources of a hostel kitchen. What this means is that using more than one burner to make a gourmet sauce simmering on low and taking up lots of counter space is a no, no. This is something that the hostel idiot will not be able to grasp. Though they will be able to grasp extra ingredients they need from bags marked with other peoples name than their own in the fridge.

The Wifi

The modern hostel now usually has a wireless network for all hostel dwellers to use. The hostel idiot will bring out their computer and start downloading series on Pirate Bay and having a loud Skype conversation right in the common area. As other people in the hostel begin to notice that the bandwidth is now so bad they can barely open their emails the hostel idiot will sit their oblivious to this chatting away. The only time they become aware is when their own Skype conversation cuts out at which time they walk up to the front desk to complain.

Bringing the party home

Let’s face it, people stay in hostels for fun and partying. Everyone knows this and everyone accommodates themselves to this. Where the hostel idiot steps in, in their oblivious nature, is by showing up back to their room after the clubs have closed and turning on the lights and demanding the people they have “just” met who were sleeping party with them. Being met with cold, tired stares the hostel idiot just walks out into the hall and leaves the light on banging around loudly outside.