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Most Dangerous Vacation Destinations For Trip

North Korea

North Korea is among the countries that don’t seem to be recommended for traveler visits. The country itself is really impressive. Its lovely landscapes will definitely impress you. The hotel service of North Korea will meet the needs of the pickiest travelers. Still there’s a listing of troubles which is able to build your vacation inconvenient and even dangerous. If you come to this place, you’ll be exactly watched and examined in order to check out your political and religious activity. You may not find any U.S embassy in this country. That’s why consider all pros and cons for Most Dangerous Vacation Destinations For Trip before planning.North Korea


We can admire the fascinating views of Syria for hours. All the tourists tend to see endless deserts while travel around the country. But there are some reasons that ought to stop you from visiting Syria. It’s called as the hot point of terrorism. The following consequences of this terrible situation are the following: murders, car bombings and attacks on the Embassy of the USA. But those don’t seem to be the only troubles in the country. Chemical weapons are being used and lots of individuals have to escape their motherland. If still you are not afraid of all these risks that are waiting for you in Syria you can surely make a trip but don’t forget to be careful.


I think you can’t find more fantastic and gorgeous place in this world than Antarctica. When you come here your breath will be taken away as the sceneries are brilliant in this part of the world. The main disadvantage of going to Antarctica on vacation is its incredibly low temperatures which can go down to 60 degrees Celsius. If you are a great fan of extreme activities and adventurous trips you can definitely visit this amazing place. The tours are provided throughout the Antarctic summer.


Have you ever heard about such country as Myanmar? This is often a wonderful place on our world. Tourism is being developed in this country and government’s support in this field is evident. But to our disappointment there are some substantial issues inside the country. For example, its military forces are known to be extremely cruel and hostile towards the foreigners. Moreover, health care system in this country is inappropriate. And if you want to buy some souvenirs here you won’t be able to take anything to the USA, as the import of gifts from Burma is banned. You will be greatly surprised to discover that there are no credit cards and ATM cards in Myanmar, only cash is available here.Myanmar

Ilha De Queimada Grande

This is a mysterious island close to Brazil. It has got unofficial name “Snake Island”. You’ll see an enormous amount of snakes at this place. They are everyplace. Just in one square meter you may walk into 1-5 snakes. What is the most terrible about this island? All the snakes living here are venomous. Only one bite and a person will be killed. Besides to come to this place you may need to prepare lots of documents.

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