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Most Dangerous Vacation Destinations

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Last year we heard enough news regarding the uneasy internal situation in Egypt. There are several reasons due to which we can consider country as one of the foremost dangerous in the world. Definitely, the capital of Egypt is unbelievably insecure place for tourism. But not solely the capital is subjected to great risk, such widespread attraction as the Pyramids is additionally undesirable for visit. Check out Most Dangerous Vacation Destinations and get to know.Egypt


I have never thought before that India might take one amongst the leading places among the foremost dangerous countries in the world. But such is the reality. Particularly the country is threatening for ladies who come here. Nowadays we can observe the increase of women violence in India. Some rape cases that are highlighted in the media will state as a decent proof of women’s unsafety in this country. It doesn’t mean that the cases of violence occur perpetually but still it’s the foremost horrible issue for the locals and foreigners coming to India. This problem caused the reduction of Indian tourism in 2013.


MaliPerhaps Mali is not so much dangerous place for tourists but we should keep in mind that this country can be quite risky to spend our vacation here. Mali is an African country which attracts people from around the world. It is famous for its numerous sights and events. For instance, Great Mosque of Djenne is worth visiting. The Festival au Desert enjoys the great popularity. It represents music from different countries. In spite of all these opportunities Mali is not advisable for travelling. Frequent military conflicts in the country may threaten to your life. There has recently been a large attack and, as a result, some ancient heritage in Timbuktu was ruined.

Detroit, USA

Perhaps, it’s a great surprise for you but Detroit is one of the dangerous places to go on a vacation. It has been heading the list of the most dangerous US cities for 5 years. Crimes are widespread here. However, if you are eager to visit this Motor City in spite of all the threats, just be careful and make sure you enjoy all of the city’s amazing attractions.Detroit


Another risky place that ought to be avoided by tourists is Somalia. You may have seen totally different news and therefore the latest film with Tom Hanks, in which all the disadvantages of traveling to this country are deeply revealed. The Somalian coasts are extraordinarily dangerous because of piracy that is the greatest problem here. That’s why you must consider carefully before coming to Somalia as the US and UK embassies don’t seem to be found in the country. In case of any problem you won’t get any help. Besides, food shortages and numerous attacks spoil people’s life at this place.

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