What to Eat

Taste Your Way Around Europe This Summer

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Every city has its unique flavour or special dish and while you’ll be looking for the recipe for some, yet trying not to throw up others, that is all just part of the fun! So just what is that dish which sums up a city? Well, here you’ll find five of Europe’s most popular cities and the five dishes which best sum them up!



With the third largest Turkish population of any city in the world, Berlin is where German and Turkish cuisines meet. And we can thank that crossover of cultures for the invention of the beef döner kebab! While the Turks typically use lamb meat, Berliners love their beef and so ca compromise was made and the beef döner is now the most popular kebab in the city. Leaving Berlin without trying this cheap meal is almost a crime.


As the capital of Italy, pasta is the meal of the day, night and middle of the night! The Italians love their pasta and they make an art out of it, one which you must try while in Rome. On almost every street corner you’ll find a restaurant selling an exciting flavour of pasta or even just a simple and common sauce, but one that is expertly done!


Scots are very fond of telling stories of haggis to frighten foreigners and seem to get a lot of fun out of doing so. The dish containing sheep’s heart, liver and lungs along with onion and spices sounds, quite frankly, horrible! But be assured that it isn’t and is definitely worth trying during you stay in Scotland. You can even try it fried with chips! That might make it sound more appealing.


You might think that Dublin is more famous for its famous drink rather than its food. And you’d be right; Guinness is indeed the most famous thing to come out of Dublin. The Irish use it well in cooking though, making a Guinness and beef pie one of the delights of Dublin. Along with yorkshire puddings and fresh vegetables, this is a great and filling dish.


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Paella is one of the favourite dishes in all of Catalunya and Valencia and Barcelona’s location right next to the sea makes it the perfect place to enjoy a seafood paella. With fried rice soaked in white wine and then all sorts of vegetables and fish put through it, paella is perhaps the most popular dish in the whole city!


Whichever of these foods have got your taste buds tingling, you’ll be happy to know that a visit to the specific city to try the food first hand is easy to organise. Flights across Europe are reasonably cheap and a stay in an apartment works out less than a hotel, and GowithOh have apartments to rent in these five cities. Cheaper accommodation will leave you with more money to spend on dinner, so it’s a great win for you!