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Travelling – The How to Manual


Traveling can be the most exquisite experience of your life or it can break you as you battle against unexpected adversities. Probably the central aspect of traveling, especially for the first time, is to take some heed – though, don’t take it as gospel – to the travellers that have gone before you. Generally the advice that this blog will give is about maintaining an open mind, equilibrium inside yourself, and managing expectations. A few ideas of how best to travel are.

Leave your expectations at home 

Perhaps easier than done this one, but still it is crucial for maximizing the experience. Think of the New Years eves you have had over the years, if you’re like me perhaps some of the best were the ones where there wasn’t a big plan or expectations and things just happened. Those were the times you didn’t burden the night expecting and because of that you were free to just enjoy what happened. If you go to a place expecting certain things you are sure to be disappointed. Not to mention the expectations you really don’t have a lot of basis if they were made without having ever been there. Try to go traveling with a clean slate, as best you can. Expectations of how a place will be will cloud what you really see there if you allow it to.

Take different perspectives don’t judge 

Again, this will be a tricky one, but rather than comparing and contrasting to your home culture try your best to see the perspective of other cultures. Cultural practices don’t just materialize over night, they develop over much time with a rich history developing them. SO when you are in a country and you don’t agree with something you see don’t voice that immediately. Instead challenge the notion in your mind. Try to ask yourself why would these people act this way or do that? Trying to understand, and sometimes if you’re lucky actually coming to understand, is one of travels richest and most rewording moments.

Push beyond your comfort zone 

Now if you wanted to stay the same old you in the same place doing the same things you would not have bothered traveling. So with that said, what is the point of re-appropriating safe practices while on the road? What I mean by this is just talking to the same travel people, sticking just to the well trodden tourist spots, and not challenging yourself to do different things than you normally would. A part of travel, beyond all of the varied newness that you encounter, is the change you are going to enact inside yourself. Travel is supposed to be a personal and emotional journey as well so don’t be afraid to smash through your comfort zone and see what is on the other side.

A Day’s Rest is not Cheating 

Some people think you have to go, go, go at all times… As an experienced traveler I want to put it out there sometimes the best thing to do on the road is just totally chill out for a day to re-charge the battery. Do that every now and then and you will be better able to go, go, go… when you really need to.