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World’s Most Dangerous Vacation Destinations

It’s continually exciting to plan a vacation, however this excitement may actually come in an unwelcome and unexpected if you decide any of the foremost dangerous vacation destinations. Sadly, there are many tremendous elements of the world with breathless attractions that has to be off the radar for many travelers. No matter what makes these places to travel on vacation dangerous, you must consider all pros and cons before planning your trip to any of the places mentioned below. UK and America governments often publish travel warnings and keep the site updated. Consider the following worlds’s most dangerous vacation destinations.


It is necessary to say that Afghanistan is strikingly fabulous country. Sadly, we can’t simply admire its beautiful sights at the moment. As far as I remember myself this country was out of reach for the tourists. Some years ago it suffered from the Russian invasion and these days the Taliban interfere powerfully with the life in Afghanistan. These days we are able to observe such issues as insurgent activities and kidnapping. They’ll be very dangerous for those who intend to spend holiday in this country. If you can’t resist your keenness to go to marvelous places in Afghanistan some special tours are on the market for you. There are such superb attractions as the Wakhan Corridor, the Bamiyan Valley and Kunduz.

Mount Everest

Mount EverestI’m sure there are so many people who dream of climbing Everest at least once in their lifetime. All the attempts made by fearless people were not successful. Only in 1953, Sherpa Tensing Norgayall and Edmund Hillary from New Zealand triumphed over the highest peak of the mountain. After that time, lots of expeditors mounted Everest at a high risk for their lives. Sadly, some of the attempts turned out to be fatalities.


We often think about revolutions and wars when somebody is speaking about dangerous countries. But usually such thought is not right. Honduras is a magnificent country with charming nature but still it remains one of the most hazardous places to go on vacation. This country strikes its visitors with the rate of crimes and health problems. Some of the diseases, such as malaria is widespread here. If we compare Honduras with any other country in the world, we’ll be shocked with the great number of murders which happen regularly.


Southern MarshlandI will simply say that Iraq ought to be place into the list of the places that are extremely dangerous for tourists. In order to provide more security for people that come back to their country, authorities work hard executing some great projects. It is believed that places like the Southern Marshland, that lies between the Tigris and Euphrates, can attract tourists from everywhere the globe. Another place, the Arch of Clesiphon, are reconstructed in the nearest future. It is famous as the largest human-made brick arch in the world. Certainly, the US and UK try to prevent their citizens from going to this country.

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