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Movies that make you want to Travel

As we all know watching movies can inform and motivate us in a variety of ways. Often is the case a good film transports it viewers to a world they are unfamiliar with and hence afterwards become intrigued by. Such is the case for several films I have seen that have made me want to travel, and travel to the places that depicted. Here’s a list of a film that elicited that feeling in me.


Before Sunrise– Richard Linklater’s ever so charming story “Before Sunrise” is about an American guy who meets a French girl then gets off a train with her in Vienna to walk around for one night. Truly Magical! The film is great in of itself, but the visuals of Vienna always intrigued me and made me want to visit the Austrian capital.

Before Sunset – The sequel to “Before Sunrise” sees the same characters meet again ten years after their first meeting in Vienna this time in Paris. Shot as one continuous conversation viewers are tasked to reconnect with the characters and evaluate their relationship ten years on. At the same time though, the streets of Paris are paraded before us in all their twisting cosmopolitan allure.  A warm summer’s day walking in Paris could make anyone fall in love, at least with the city that is.

Y Tu Mama Tambien – Two teenage Mexican guys take a road trip with a beautiful more experienced woman. A tale of sexual awakening and friendship fused with a road film that highlights both the beauty and political complexity of Mexico. This is a must see for anyone looking for a genuinely good coming of age film.

Vicky Christi Barcelona  – Two American girls spend the summer in Barcelona. Coming into contact with an artist – and that artists wild ex wife – the two girls are drawn into a Spain bereft with artistic passions and pathos that would slip by all, but the most seasoned traveler. This film creates a sense of wonder for the city and is a great example of Woody Allen’s late career love affair with Europe.

Amelie – A surreal beautiful film about love and its necessity in all of our lives. While setting up all those around her Amelie  – played by button cute Audrey Tautou – forgets that she has to find love for herself. Montmartre, the former bohemian section of Paris, is given special time in director John-Pierre Jeunet lense. The result is a magical feeling connected to this place. Look specifically, for the iconic merry go round, that is In Montmartre at the steps going up to the Sacré Cœur. It shows up in a memorable scene.