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Top 5 Coffee Shops in Amsterdam to Visit

Let’s be honest lots of the people that are coming to Amsterdam are going there to enjoy smoking a little weed. Beyond just places to buy it, Amsterdam’s coffee shops can be great places to sit down with a coffee and light up in friendly surroundings. The following list of coffee shops will highlight a few places enjoyed both by tourists of the city and the locals.

1) DampKring (‘The Atmosphere’)
Perhaps Amsterdam’s most celebrated coffeshop the Dampkring was featured in the Hollywood blockbuster Ocean’s 12. Truly having a unique and comfortable decorum, one feels as if they have descended into one of the homes found in Middle Earth’s the Shire. The magical decorum and other worldliness transcends to the highs that can be purchased here as well. No trip to Amsterdam is complete without some time spent in the Damkring.

2) De Rokerij
With three venues around Amsterdam De Rokerij provides a relaxed environment with eastern motivated decorum. Often having live DJ’s in the venue this long favourite venue for tourists, locals, and people from all walks of life is a popular haven on weekends. Some describe de Rokerij as having a mystic ambience. The Leideplein location, near Vondle Park, is especially popular.

3) Home Grown Fantasy
Complete with modern art hanging from its walls, Homegrown Fantasy is well known for the high quality marijuana and hash it sells. This shop is a favourite with local for the quality of its goods. However, its near proximity to Amsterdam’s central station makes it popular with tourists too.

4) The Greenhouse
Though the Greenhouse has three locations around Amsterdam the Red Light District location is the most famous. The photos of celebrities that have allowed themselves to be photographed while enjoying the Greenhouses charms highlights this. A regular winner of Amsterdam’s world famous “Cannabis Cup” the Greenhouse has some of the world’s best smoke.

5) Hunter’s Bar
Hunter’s Bar was recently voted the best liked coffee shop by Amsterdam locals. The decorum is relaxed, unpretentious and cozy. There are plenty of chairs and couches to be found. The prices are competitive and the smoke is assured to floor anyone who challenges it with a little too much gusto. Hunter’s Bar is found inside the Red Light District.

As a word to the wise, the marijuana in Amsterdam is professional cultivated for maximum THC (the chemical that gets you high!) content. It might be a little stronger than you remember it back at home. With that in mind, moderate your smoking. The last thing you want to be is that tourist who passes out in an Amsterdam coffee shop. It happens every day.