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Are Travel Sized Products Worth the Money?

You don’t want your suitcase to be overweight. So, travel sized products can seem like the simplest way to cut down on the bulk. If you’ve ever walked down the travel aisle of your local pharmacy, you will see rows and rows of teeny tiny little bottles. They certainly are convenient…but are they worth the money? Before you stock up for your next trip, let’s take a closer look at the good and bad of travel sized products.

The Convenience Factor

It’s pretty obvious that travel-sized products are convenient. It is much simpler to pack a small bottle of shampoo than it is to bring your average full-sized bottle. There are many benefits of stocking your travel bag full of mini-products. For instance, you can bring along a larger variety of things that you need. Plus, you won’t end up bringing along too much that you don’t need! There is a reason that travel products continue to sell so well…they make packing an awful lot simpler.

No travel sized booze! Boo!
No travel sized booze! Boo!

The Cost Factor

While it’s true that travel sized products are easy, small, and awfully convenient, there is another aspect to consider: the cost. You really are paying for that convenience…and it’s an awful lot. If you’ve ever gone to pick up a few ‘essential’ travel items, you’ll know how quickly those little bottles can add up. For a few shampoos, travel toothbrush and toothpaste, and a mini-deodorant, you will likely end up paying almost as much (if not more) than you would pay for full-sized versions of the same product. It all depends on the brand that you choose, and the time of year that you are planning to travel. So, if you want to enjoy the convenience of bringing along those travel-sized products…be prepared to pay a little bit more for that convenience.

How to Do It Yourself

If you don’t want to spend your money unnecessarily, then here is some good news: you can do it yourself. That’s right! You can actually create travel-sized products out of things that you already have in your own home. To start with, look around your bathroom. Do you have any empty small bottles hanging around? Maybe you have a few leftover travel bottles or something from a store sample. Use them! You can actually rinse those out and fill them up with the things that you need, like shampoo or conditioner. That way, you can enjoy the convenience without worrying about the price.

If you don’t mind spending a bit of money, head to the dollar store and pick up a couple o small containers. It won’t cost you much and you can put your toiletries inside. Or for another handy way to save money, bring samples along with you! Many magazines and stores offer perfume samples and samples of new hair products. If you have any that you’ve been meaning to try – now is the perfect time to do it. They’re small, compact, and will last you for the duration of your vacation.

So, are travel-sized products worth it? It all depends on what is more important to you: cost or convenience. Whatever you decide, there are clever ways to get the best of both worlds!